Top 20 sodium ion battery companies

Top 20 sodium ion battery companies In China

Dive into the future of energy storage with our Top 20 Sodium Ion Battery Companies in China article! Discover how industry leaders are revolutionizing rechargeable batteries, harnessing sodium for sustainable and efficient solutions. Explore breakthrough technologies reshaping the potential of energy storage and providing cleaner alternatives.
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    Benefiting from the high prosperity of the new energy track, lithium batteries have restricted the development of the industry to a certain extent. Finding alternative technologies for lithium batteries has become an urgent need. The working principle of sodium-ion batteries is the same as that of lithium-ion batteries, and sodium resources are abundant and evenly distributed. The raw materials of sodium-ion batteries have cost advantages and are in sufficient supply. Therefore, the industrialization of Sodium ion Battery Companies In China is.

    Top 20 Sodium Ion Battery Company In China Overview

    1.HiNa Battery

    HiNa Battery Technology Co., Ltd
    Established date February 8, 2017
    Global headquarters Beijing, China
    Company website
    Zhongke Haina is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and production of sodium-ion batteries, a new generation of energy storage systems. The company has gathered domestic and even international leading technology development teams and now has a research and development team headed by Academician Chen Liquan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Researcher Hu Yongsheng of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as technical leaders. The company focuses on sodium-ion battery products with low cost, long life, high safety, and high energy density. Its potential applications cover various electric bicycles, low-speed electric vehicles, communication base stations, data centers, home energy storage, and large-scale energy storage. At the same time, the company can supply positive and negative electrode materials and electrolytes for sodium-ion batteries.

    2. CATL

    Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL)
    Established date December 16, 2011
    Global headquarters Fujian, China
    Company website

    CATL is the world’s leading new energy innovation technology company, committed to providing first-class solutions and services for global new energy applications. Its power battery market share has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years. In 2021, CATL will enter the sodium-ion battery market. In July 2021, CATL released its first sodium-ion battery, with a single cell energy density reaching 160Wh/kg. It has now launched the industrialization layout of sodium-ion batteries.

    CATL plans to achieve an energy density of more than 200Wh/kg in the second generation of sodium-ion batteries and form a basic industrial chain in 2023. In January 2022, CATL signed an agreement with Rongbai Technology to actively develop supporting materials for sodium-ion batteries.


    Established date February 10, 1995
    Global headquarters Shenzhen, China
    Company website

    BYD Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and listed on the Hong Kong Main Board on July 31, 2002. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It is a new technology private enterprise with three major industry groups: IT, automobiles and new energy. BYD has built nine production bases in Guangdong, Beijing, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places, with a total area of nearly 7 million square meters. It also has production bases in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries, as well as in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Branches or offices currently employ nearly 200,000 people.

    BYD plans to mass-produce sodium-ion batteries in the second quarter of 2023, which will be installed in the Qin EV, Dolphin and new model Seagull.

    4.Lifun Technology

    Hunan Lifang New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Established date November 28, 2013
    Global headquarters Hunan Province, China
    Company website

    Lifun Technology was established in 2013 and is the first sodium-ion battery company in Zhuzhou, Hunan. In 2019, the company successfully entered the list of enterprises listed in the “Lithium-ion Battery Industry Standard Conditions” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the fourth batch). In 2021, the company won the title of national-level “Little Giant” for specialization, specialization and innovation, and was rated as a national-level “little giant” enterprise for specialization, specialization and innovation, and a national-level industrial product green design demonstration enterprise.

    In April 2022, Lifun Technology released the first-generation sodium-ion battery. The soft-packed single cell weight energy density of this product can reach 140Wh/Kg and 270wh/L volumetric energy density; it supports fast charging for 15 minutes, SOC (charge (charge status) is greater than 80%; 3C discharge 90% DOD; in a low temperature environment of minus 20°C, it can still discharge about 90% of the capacity, and supports charging at this ambient temperature. It is reported that Lifun Technology has received samples and mass production orders from multiple customers for use in the fields of medium and low-speed electric vehicles, electric buses and household energy storage; it has also cooperated with CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd., Nafang New Energy , Guizhou Zhenhua New Materials Co., Ltd., etc. respectively signed cooperation agreements to accelerate the layout of sodium-electric materials.


    Zhejiang Na Chuangxin Energy Co., Ltd.
    Established date 2018
    Global headquarters Zhejiang, China
    Company website

    Nadium Innovation Energy was established in 2018. The company focuses on the innovation and engineering of sodium-ion batteries, and is guided by market demand. It develops, produces and sells new generation power and energy storage battery systems, and is committed to creating sodium-ion battery systems with global influence. Innovative enterprise.

    Its products are mainly cylindrical and soft-packed sodium-ion batteries, which have passed safety inspections by national authoritative departments, and their performance has met the application requirements for household energy storage, micro electric vehicles, and mobile base stations. The company has currently built a ton-level sodium ferrite-based layered oxide cathode material production line, with an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons of cathode materials and 5,000 tons of electrolyte.

    6.Great Power

    Guangzhou Penghui Energy Technology Co Ltd
    Established date January 18, 2001
    Global headquarters Guangdong, China
    Company website

    Great Power was founded in 2001 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM in 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production, manufacturing research, and development of lithium batteries. The company’s main business covers digital consumer batteries, new energy vehicle power batteries, energy storage batteries, and light power batteries.

    In October 2021, Great Power announced that it would actively lay out the hard carbon anode material industry chain for sodium-ion battery materials and invest RMB 10 million in Chengdu Baisige. In December 2021, Great Power stated that the company would conduct small-batch production of sodium-ion batteries in 2021, using phosphate sodium positive electrodes and hard carbon system negative electrodes. The planned application scenarios are energy storage, fast-charging mode electric vehicles, and medium-range electric vehicles. , motorcycles, etc.


    Established date January 2021
    Global headquarters Jiangsu, China
    Company website

    Founded in 2021, Zhongna Energy is an emerging sodium-ion battery company headquartered in Suzhou. It is a leading talent company in Suzhou High-tech Zone and a project-approved company under the Suzhou Angel Plan. The company relies on the technology of a joint team of scientists from six domestic first-class universities, including Suzhou University, Nanjing University, and the Institute of Nanotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to continue to iterate its technical routes.


    In March 2022, the company completed Series B financing. In 2021, Zhongna Energy released sodium iron sulfate ion battery. In 2022, the company’s products will enter the pilot test stage, with plans to release new products and enter the customer’s verification system; in 2023, they will enter the mass production stage. The company’s 100-ton material project will be put into production in March 2022, and the battery cell production capacity is planned to reach more than GWh in 2023.

    8.Jiangsu Chuanyi Technology Co., Ltd.

    Jiangsu Chuanyi Technology Co., Ltd.
    Established date November 05, 2007
    Global headquarters Jiangsu, China
    Company website

    Founded in 2007, Jiangsu Chuanyi Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-shares. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of notebook computer input devices. It is one of the world’s four top keyboard manufacturers (up to Fang Electronics, Qunguang Electronics, Jingyuan Computer, Lite-On Electronics) are the main suppliers of core components of flexible circuit boards, with a global market share of 20.56% and a domestic market share of 40%.

    In June 2022, Chuanyi Co., Ltd. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Zhiwei Electronics planned to establish a joint venture with Ningbo Haiying Huixin and others to establish Chuanyi Sodium Technology Co., Ltd. The joint venture company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of sodium-ion and lithium-ion batteries, positive and negative electrode materials and electrolytes. In August 2022, Chuanyi Sodium announced that the installation and debugging of sodium battery production equipment and devices are progressing smoothly, and it has met the conditions for pilot production and is about to be put into operation. In September 2022, Chuanyi Co., Ltd. issued the “Announcement on Foreign Investment and Establishment of a Holding Sun Company” and plans to invest in the construction of a 150,000-ton sodium-ion battery electrolyte production line.


    Established date January 2018
    Global headquarters Liaoning, China

    Xingkong Sodium Electric is affiliated to Liaoning Hongcheng Group and was established in January 2018. It is a high-tech company integrating the research and development and production of sodium-ion battery materials. With sodium ion energy storage and smart microgrid technology as the core, the company has established an elite team of 5 domestic and foreign academicians in the field of materials, 9 doctoral supervisors, and 50 PhDs, and has established a power energy storage research institute. At present, it has obtained 17 invention patents, 13 utility model patents, 22 software copyrights in the field of power grid applications, 15 international patents focusing on sodium ion materials and 40 domestic invention patents. In 2019, the company announced that its first sodium-ion battery production line was put into operation. At present, the company’s sodium-ion batteries have been mass-produced on a large scale and have reached the level of commercial application.


    Established date 2008
    Global headquarters Shenzhen, China
    Company website

    Sunwoda was founded in 1997 and listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. The company is committed to the research and development, design, production, and sales of lithium battery cells and modules, and has formed six major industry groups: 3C consumer batteries, electric vehicle batteries, energy technology, intelligent hardware, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial Internet, and third-party testing services. It is a leading domestic provider of lithium-ion battery module solutions and products.

    In August 2022, Xinwanda stated that the company has multiple patents such as methods for supplementing sodium in sodium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries and their preparation methods, and that the company is actively exploring industry-university-research cooperation in the field of sodium-ion batteries and has established a joint venture with Nankai University. Academician workstation to jointly research key materials and technologies such as new lithium-sulfur, sodium-ion, and solid-state batteries.


    Shanghai PYLONTECH Co., Ltd.
    Established date 2009
    Global headquarters Shanghai, China
    Company website

    Paineng Technology was founded in 2009 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2020, becoming the first listed company in the domestic energy storage business. Paineng Technology focuses on the development and application of lithium battery energy storage products and provides comprehensive solutions for lithium battery energy storage systems. The company vertically integrates the three core links of energy storage lithium battery R&D and production, BMS R&D, and system integration. With high-performance energy storage lithium batteries and advanced BMS technology as the core and market demand as the guide, the company provides users with advanced energy storage products.

    Energy storage products have been certified by China, the European Union, North America, Australia, Japan and other international regions, and are widely used in dozens of countries and regions, with an industry-leading market share. The company has carried out technical reserves in the field of sodium-ion batteries, carried out research work such as core material system development and independent research and development of key materials. In 2021, it developed the first-generation sodium-ion battery product and completed small trials.

    12.BenAn Energy

    BenAn Energy
    Established date 2017
    Global headquarters Jiangsu, China
    Company website
    Founded in 2017, Bian Energy is a high-tech multinational enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and manufacturing of inorganic (aqueous) sodium salt batteries, and providing inorganic (aqueous) sodium salt battery energy storage system solutions. In 2018, the company built an assembly line with an annual output of 20MWh, and in 2019 achieved MWh sales in the European household energy storage market. In 2021, the company won the bid for the 6MWh water-based sodium salt battery energy storage system-Inner Mongolia Ulanqab Wind and Solar Storage Integrated Base Demonstration Project; in 2022, the company won the bid for the overseas 20MWh water-based sodium salt battery supply contract and the Thai Electric Power Royal Factory 60KW/150KWh optical storage Integrated demonstration project. In 2021, the company’s Wuxi base will be completed and its production capacity will be increased to 100MWh. In 2022, the first phase of the company’s Guizhou base with an annual output of 2GWh battery energy storage materials will be put into production in Q3.

    13.Huayang Group

    Established date 1993
    Global headquarters Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China
    Company website

    Huayang Group is a high-tech new materials industry group renamed from Yangmei Group, a Fortune 500 company. It is the largest anthracite production base in the country. In October 2020, it was officially unveiled and has two listed companies, Huayang New Energy Co., Ltd. and Huayang New Materials Co., Ltd.

    In June 2021, the world’s first 1MWh sodium ion energy storage system, jointly built by Huayang Group and Zhongke Hainan Company, was officially put into operation in Taiyuan, Shanxi. In January 2022, Huayang Group’s sodium ion battery project announced the start of construction in Yangquan City. In March 2022, the country’s largest sodium-ion battery planning project of Shanxi Xinyang Clean Energy, a subsidiary of Huayang Group, successfully delivered power. The project’s first sodium-ion battery production line entered the final stage of equipment debugging and will be trial-produced at the end of March. In September 2022, the world’s first mass-produced 1GWh sodium-ion battery production line jointly built by Huayang Group and Zhongke Haina was officially put into operation in Yangquan City, Shanxi.


    Established date 1993
    Global headquarters Guangdong, China
    Company website
    Sacred Sun was founded in 1991 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. The company targets domestic and overseas markets and provides customers with battery products, energy storage systems and integrated smart power solutions. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, and has led and participated in the formulation of more than 50 national and industry standards. The sodium-ion battery jointly developed by the company and academician workstations and other cooperative units has passed the experimental stage and entered the sample testing stage.

    15.Tongxing environmental protection technology joint stock company

    Established date 2006
    Global headquarters Hefei City, Anhui Province, China
    Company website

    Tongxing Environmental Protection is one of the earliest enterprises in my country to enter the field of low-temperature denitration of flue gas in non-electricity industries. It has relatively mature flue gas treatment capabilities and currently occupies a leading position in the flue gas treatment market in non-electricity industries.

    In September 2022, Tongxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and the University of Science and Technology of China held a cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Hefei to jointly build the “USTC-Tongxing Environmental Protection Energy Storage Battery Materials and Devices Joint Laboratory”, marking the cross-border development of Tongxing Environmental Protection. Enter the sodium-ion battery industry.

    16.Veken Technology

    Veken Technology
    Established date July 28, 1993
    Global headquarters Zhejiang, China
    Company website

    Veken Technology is an A-share listed company with new energy lithium batteries as its main business and 3C digital batteries and power batteries as its core businesses. In September 2022, the “In-depth Cooperation Strategic Framework Agreement” was signed with Zhejiang Na Innovation Energy Co., Ltd. in Shaoxing, Zhejiang to build a sodium electricity industrialization base in Jiangxi Weike Industrial Park. In the early stage of the project, a 2GWh sodium battery production line is planned, mainly for low-speed vehicles. and energy storage markets.

    17.Do-Fluoride New Materials

    Do-Fluoride New Materials
    Established date December 21, 1999
    Global headquarters Henan, China
    Company website

    Duofludo is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D and production of high-performance inorganic fluorides, electronic chemicals, lithium-ion batteries and related materials. In September 2022, Dofluoro said that the pilot line for the cathode material of sodium-ion batteries has been built, and small batches of products have been rolled off the production line. The small-scale sodium-ion battery test has been carried out for three months, and the current indicators are good; sodium-ion batteries have A production capacity of approximately 1GWH will be formed in this period.


    Established date 2007
    Global headquarters Sichuan , China
    Company website

    Zonergy is a new energy smart microgrid solution provider. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and is committed to providing first-class smart microgrid solutions to customers at home and abroad, including technology research and development and products for wind, solar, water, storage and charging, multi-energy complementation and synergy. Production, sales and trading, engineering design and implementation, energy management and optimization.

    In March 2022, Zonergy reorganized the Capital Research Institute into the Sodium Ion Battery Research Institute to empower the research and development of sodium ion batteries and key materials. It is expected to complete pilot and small-scale production of sodium-ion batteries and square aluminum-shell batteries by June 2023. From 2023 to 2024, it will incubate and promote the production of 1GWh sodium-ion batteries.


    Shenzhen Jia Na Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
    Established date 2022
    Global headquarters Shenzhen, China
    Company website

    Jiana Energy is a technology enterprise dedicated to the research and development and production of polyanionic sodium-ion battery cathode materials and biomass hard carbon anode materials and related enterprises. The founder is Cao Yuliang, a professor at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences of Wuhan University. In August 2022, Jiana Energy completed angel round financing of nearly tens of millions of yuan, exclusively invested by Shunwei Capital, and planned a 100-ton pilot line. It is expected to achieve stable output of pilot line products in April next year. The energy density of large-capacity sodium-ion batteries assembled based on the company’s products should reach 100Wh/kg and 120Wh/kg.

    20.Puna Energy

    Puna Energy was established in 2022 and was funded by Chaowei Group. Puna Energy plans to invest 160 million yuan to build a sodium-ion battery cathode material pilot and battery cell experimental line project in Shanghai, and plans to put it into production in 2022. At the same time, the company plans to start mass production of sodium-ion batteries in 2024.


    The sodium ion battery in China, though in its nascent stages, holds immense potential. With distinctive advantages over lithium-ion counterparts, sodium-ion batteries are positioned to revolutionize the landscape of energy storage. Ongoing investments and innovations underscore the pivotal role these batteries are likely to play in the future of sustainable energy solutions.


    1. Faradion Limited: Faradion has been a pioneer in sodium-ion battery technology, focusing on developing advanced materials for energy storage.

    2. Tiamat Energy: Tiamat Energy is known for its work in developing sodium-ion batteries with a focus on scalability and affordability.

    3. NGK Insulators: NGK Insulators, a Japanese company, has been involved in the development of sodium-sulfur batteries, a type of sodium-ion battery, primarily for grid energy storage applications.

    4. Aquion Energy: While Aquion Energy initially focused on a different type of battery technology (Aqueous Hybrid Ion batteries), they have explored sodium-ion alternatives for energy storage.

    Altris is a leader in sodium-ion cathode materials and battery technology, focusing on the development of sodium-ion batteries specifically tailored to the needs of the low-voltage automotive battery market

    Major companies in the sodium-ion battery market include Faradion Limited, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited, NGK Insulators Ltd, TIAMAT SAS, HiNa Battery Technology Co. Ltd, Altris AB, and Natron Energy Inc., among others.

    The global sodium-ion battery market size was valued at USD 275.1million in 2021
    two-wheelers - expected to reach 11GWh by 2025
    Four-wheelers - expected to reach 48.45GWh in 2025
    Energy storage - expected to reach 50.68GWh in 2025

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