Huawei inverter

Huawei inverter – what is it and its alternative

The article delves into the domain of photovoltaic inverters, primarily focusing on the industry leader, Huawei Inverter, and a cost-effective substitute, Motawill. It outlines the features of Huawei Inverter, its pricing, and the advantages of choosing Motawill. The piece further compares the two in terms of cost and quality, emphasizing the efficacy and affordability of Motawill inverters.
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    The photovoltaic inverter market is growing rapidly and is located downstream of the photovoltaic industry chain. Top 10 best home solar inverter brands in the world are also developing quickly.

    The inverter market is highly concentrated, with Huawei’s market share approaching 50%, making it the industry leader. This article will introduce Huawei inverter and explore their replaceability.

    huawei inverter

    What is a Huawei inverter

    The main types of photovoltaic inverters are string inverters, centralized inverters and micro inverter. At that time, centralized inverters had the largest market share, with a market share of nearly 90%.

    In the early days of entering the inverter industry, Huawei had both centralized and string inverter products. As power stations become larger and larger, the manpower required for operation and maintenance will eventually become unsustainable. Huawei cuts off centralized inverter business.What is a Huawei inverter

    In 2014, Huawei launched a smart photovoltaic power station solution. With the string inverter as the core, monitoring equipment, communication equipment, and cloud computing centers are introduced to remotely and accurately monitor the operation of photovoltaic components, greatly improving photovoltaic operation and maintenance efficiency and economic benefits.

    Features of Huawei inverter

    Ultimate security
    Huawei’s distributed inverters use AI-powered AFCI arc detection technology, which can actively detect arcs and quickly and automatically cut off the circuit within 2 seconds; through a large amount of arc characteristic data and self-learning algorithms, the inverter arc detection model is trained to enable arc detection. It is more accurate, thereby effectively reducing false alarms and adding a safe protective lock to the power station.

    Higher returns
    Huawei’s smart data acquisition has a reactive power output control function, helping owners save reactive power equipment costs; smart data acquisition also has an optimization algorithm that can dynamically calculate reactive power compensation amounts in real time, and perform reactive power compensation through smart photovoltaic inverters to ensure The system power factor reaches the standard, the power generation does not decrease, and fines caused by the user’s power regulation failure are avoided.Features of Huawei inverter

    Stable and reliable
    Huawei fully draws on the company’s more than 30 years of experience in the design and operation of communication products. The smart inverter adopts a design with no wearing parts, no fuses, no display, no physical buttons, and natural heat dissipation, avoiding the failure of wearing parts from the source. The resulting inverter failure significantly improves reliability. TUV inverter operation evidence shows that Huawei’s inverter failure rate is <0.5%, which is at the leading level in the industry.

    Huawei inverter price

    Huawei inverter Price
    HUAWEI SUN2000-30 KTL-M3 $3,195.20
    HUAWEI SUN2000-36 KTL-M3 $3,558.56
    HUAWEI SUN2000-40 KTL-M3 $3,671.20
    HUAWEI SUN2000-33 KTL-A $2,772.88
    HUAWEI SUN2000-36 KTL $3,500.88

    Huawei inverter alternative - Motawill

    When it comes to alternatives to Huawei inverter, Motawill is a viable alternative. In this section we compare Huawei and Motawill and explore the benefits of choosing Motawill for your solar system.

    When evaluating the choice between Huawei and Motawill for inverter replacement, cost inevitably plays a role. The good news is that Motawill offers an affordable alternative that is a cost-effective solution for those looking to save money on their solar system.

    In our in-depth price comparison, we’ll take a closer look at how Motawill’s pricing stands out and why it might be a better fit for your budget considerations.

    Price comparison

    Motawill inverter Price
    500w pure sine wave power inverter $49.9
    1000w pure sine wave power inverter $98.99
    2000w pure sine wave power inverter $199.9
    3000w pure sine wave power inverter $199.99

    As the data presented in the table, Motawill inverters stand out as a notably more affordable choice than Huawei inverter. In the realm of assessing costs and staying within budgetary constraints, it becomes paramount to make a well-considered acquisition by selecting an inverter that aligns with the optimal price point.

    This decision holds significant importance as it can directly impact your financial resources, and it’s imperative to strike the right balance between cost-effectiveness and performance when making such a purchase.

    Quality comparison

    Compared with Huawei inverter, the quality of motawill inverters is also very good. The following are the excellences of motawill inverters:

    Certifications: Motawill inverters are a safe choice, comply with ETL safety regulations and have multiple certifications including UL458, PSE, CE and FCC. Motawill inverter

    Efficient and fast charging: The inverter has a safety ground wire, isolation design, and supports USB and Type C interfaces, which can achieve fast charging and meet your needs for efficient energy conversion.

    Stable voltage output: This inverter not only converts the DC power from the solar panel to AC power, but also provides voltage stabilization function to ensure that the power output is always stable and reliable.

    Low no-load current: The Motawill inverter’s low no-load current (0.6A) reduces the loss on the battery, thereby extending the life of the battery.

    Excellent real-time monitoring: Motawill inverter has excellent real-time monitoring function, which can monitor power, input voltage, output voltage, battery status and other values, with an accuracy of up to 98%, leading the industry.

    Smart temperature control: To keep the system running at its best, these inverters are also equipped with cooling fans to ensure efficient temperature management.

    Wireless remote control function: Motawill inverter has a wireless remote control function, allowing you to easily control the system and customize the remote control function to meet your needs.

    Flexible communication customization: If you need customized communication functions, Motawill inverters can also meet your needs.

    Reliable warranty: All of these excellent features are backed by Motawill’s 3-5 year warranty, giving you extra peace of mind.


    Huawei inverter has its advantages, but it is also the most expensive. Choose the one that suits you best. From a practical point of view, motawill inverter is a very good alternative. If you still want to know more details about buying inverters, you can check our inverter and battery shop near me.

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